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  • Don't Quit your Day Job

    You may find it hard to believe but a 60-year-old man has set the world record for... holding the most world records! During his lifetime Ashrita Furman has held a staggering 563 world records and he says he'll never stop trying to add to his collection. Furman currently holds 198 official Guinness World Records, including "most pies in the face in one minute (56)" and "opening drinks cans in 30 seconds (41)." His incredible achievements have allowed him to travel the world, setting records at theEiffelTower, Stonehenge andGreat Wall of China. His first official record came in 1979 when he did 27,000 star jumps inNew York. In the following two years he somersaulted backwards for ten miles and followed it up with 50 hours of continuous hand clapping. And he admits, "On occasion I have gone too far and the stupidest record I attempted was when I tried to beat the time for eating a whole tree." You know what I find hard to believe? That this guy is still alive!? Read More
  • How to Convince Your Kids to Mow The Lawn

    Got a neighbor who is the eye sore of your neighborhood? Turns out, you can get them arrested.
    In Tennessee, Karen Holloway actually went to jail over the condition of her yard. It all started over the summer when the city sent her a citation. She admits she didn't properly maintain her yard, which had overgrown trees and bushes, but says that was due to personal family issues. She also felt going to jail was ridiculous. The judge heard the case and handed down a five-day jail sentence but amended it to six hours. Holloway turned herself in Tuesday at the jail and completed her sentence. So if you’re looking to scare your kids into mowing the lawn this summer. That’ll do it. Read More

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Russian Container Ship Safely Towed to Port in Prince Rupert
    After a tense weekend off the North Coast, a disabled Russian cargo ship has been towed to Prince Rupert for repairs.     The 135 metre-long Simushir ran into trouble last Thursday off Haida Gwaii, and Haida Nation president Peter ... Read more...

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Trisha Yearwood, Carlos Santana, others set to perform national anthem during World Series

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Trisha Yearwood and Carlos Santana are among the musicians set to perform the national anthem during the World Series.



Rabbi leads vigil outside Met as firestorm over 'The Death of Klinghoffer' hits fever pitch

NEW YORK, N.Y. - A globally prominent rabbi led Jewish teenagers in a prayer vigil Monday outside the Metropolitan Opera to protest an opera they say glorifies Palestinian terrorists.



'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actor Nicholas Brendon arrested in Idaho amid comic con event

BOISE, Idaho - An actor best known for his role in the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is apologizing for actions that led to his arrest in a hotel lobby in southwest Idaho.


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